Magnus vs Gukesh Head to Head

Gukesh and Magnus played several games together. Undoubtedly, Magnus exhibited a commanding presence on the board, asserting his dominance over Gukesh with remarkable consistency. But we have to remember that Magnus is a really tough opponent and Gukesh is very young. The first time these two played was in an online chess match. Magnus crushed Gukesh completely.

Up to this point, they have faced each other 42 times. Out of these 42 games, Magnus has won 29, while Gukesh has managed to secure victories in just 9 games, with 4 games ending in draws.

In the above game Carlsen showed his Endgame knowledge. Gukesh fought really well but it was a very bad decision to go for a Rook endgame against Magnus.

In this April, Gukesh won the Candidates Chess Tournament, securing his qualification to challenge Ding Liren for the World Championship title. If Gukesh emerge victorious against Ding Liren, he will be crowned the new world champion of chess. The anticipation is palpable among chess enthusiasts worldwide, eagerly awaiting the possibility of witnessing a match between Gukesh and Magnus in the World Chess Championship. All the chess lovers of the world are looking at that scenario. Will Magnus come back to play the World Championship for Gukesh?

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