Is Magnus Carlsen autistic?

No!! Magnus Carlsen is not autistic. In a recent interview he clearly mentioned this. Magnus said “Someone in an internet Q & A asked if I suffered from autism. I thought the question was stupid so I replied, “well, isn’t that obvious?” It was silly to me. I’m obviously not suffering from autism. I’ve later realised that not everyone shares that view and I probably shouldn’t have made that thoughtless remark. I feel I’m miles from anyone with autism. I consider myself to have normal social skills and to be normally functioning.”

While participating in an online stream, he humorously made a remark about his autism, despite not being autistic himself. Unfortunately, this lighthearted comment was misconstrued by many on the internet, leading to the proliferation of numerous articles falsely claiming that Magnus Carlsen falls within the autism spectrum. For further evidence of this misleading narrative, feel free to peruse the corresponding Reddit post, which regrettably perpetuates this inaccurate portrayal of Carlsen’s condition.

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