how much does Gothamchess make per day?

Levy Rozman, better known by his online alias “Gotham Chess,” has solidified his position as one of the most influential and popular YouTubers in the world of chess. With his charismatic personality, deep understanding of the game, and exceptional teaching skills, Levy has captivated a massive audience of chess enthusiasts and novices alike. His YouTube channel, aptly named Gotham Chess, boasts millions of subscribers who eagerly follow his insightful videos and entertaining live streams. Levy’s approachable demeanor and ability to break down complex concepts into digestible explanations have made him a go-to resource for those looking to improve their chess skills. Whether he’s analyzing grandmaster games, offering strategic advice, or sharing his own experiences, Levy’s content always manages to strike a perfect balance between educational and enjoyable. Beyond his YouTube channel, Levy is also an accomplished chess player himself, having achieved the title of International Master. With his immense talent, passion for the game, and remarkable ability to connect with his audience, Gotham Chess has undeniably left an indelible mark on the world of online chess content creation. In this blog we are going to investigate on how much does Gothamchess make per day? Let’s dive into his socialblade data.

Currently, his main channel garners an average of 8 million daily views. Typically, for every thousand views on YouTube, content creators can expect to earn between 2 to 10 dollars. Let’s assume Levy falls in the middle and earns 3 dollars per thousand views. Astonishingly, this amounts to a staggering $20,000 per day solely from YouTube ad revenue. But that’s not all. Levy also benefits from sponsorships, Twitch subscriptions, and lucrative sales of his chess courses, all contributing to his immense wealth.

If you delve into his Socialblade data, you’ll witness the explosive growth of his channel in recent months. Previously, he was accumulating around 30,000 new subscribers each month. However, out of nowhere, Levy experienced a mind-boggling surge in January, gaining over half a million subscribers within that month alone. So how did it skyrocket his views in such a short period of time? Firstly, he attributes it to his discovery of short-form chess content, a realm he had previously overlooked for years. By increasing his output of YouTube shorts, he tapped into a new avenue of engagement. Additionally, he took the initiative to create two new YouTube channels, essentially transforming himself into a content-producing machine. However, this explosive growth wasn’t solely due to his efforts. In 2022, several factors contributed to the increased popularity of chess. One notable event was the drama between Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann, where Magnus accused Hans of cheating, sparking intriguing theories across the internet. Following his loss to Hans, Magnus tweeted his decision to withdraw from the tournament, expressing suspicion regarding Hans’ potential cheating methods.

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In that particular year, another significant factor that garnered substantial attention was the release of “The Queen’s Gambit,” a Netflix series centered around chess. Following its debut, witnessed a remarkable surge in new accounts, with a staggering 3 million registrations the subsequent month. This influx of nearly three million fresh enthusiasts presented a vast pool of potential fans for chess content creators, including figures like Gotham. However, there exists a paradoxical situation regarding the perception of financial prospects in chess. While some claim that chess lacks monetary rewards and substantial recognition, exemplifying a rather disheartening reality, individuals like Gotham manage to generate over $20,000 per day. This apparent contradiction arises from a distinction in how one can make money through chess. Traditional notions involve achieving success by winning tournaments, but the recent spike in chess’s popularity has opened up alternative avenues. Instead of grinding for a decade to attain the Grandmaster title, individuals can acquire a solid grasp of the game and start streaming their matches, enabling them to earn significantly more than top tournament players.

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